Sometime on about a Thursday, realizing we'd be in STL for at least part of the winter, we also realized our winter stuff was in storage back in LA. A couple days later, on like a Sunday, the idea popped into my head to rent a car and do a quick trip to LA and back to grab some things out of storage. Just a quick errand, no biggie. The next day, I pitched the idea to Maura and of course she was just as into it as I was. On Wednesday, we picked up the rental and Thursday morning around 7am we hit the road. We planned to be gone around 8 days. You can see a lot in 8 days with a rented Prius and a credit card.


After gunning it across the country, staying with our friends for a night (awesome people, thank you TJ & Kelsey), dealing with a rental car that kept telling me it needed maintenance immediately, and finally picking up our stuff, we were in and out of LA within 24 hours. So busy I only took two pictures there. We headed up the PCH and nestled into a tiny coastal town called Morro Bay. We dug the vibe and stayed a couple nights.









Back on the road.





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