We left STL on August 23rd to begin our trip around the West, eventually landing in Los Angeles to start living on the West Coast. My grandma was sick but stable, so I decided it was ok to go, not knowing how her situation would play out or for how long. We made it to Leadville, CO the next day and thinking it was the first night of an extended road trip, we partied a little too hard. Combine that with the fact that Leadville sits at 10k/ft above sea level and the next day I paid for it. We took a morning drive across Independence Pass with me complaining in a hungover haze. What a mess.


Within 24 hours of arriving in CO, I got a call saying my grandma had taken a turn for the worst. Time to head back.


We returned to the Midwest for a few weeks to be with family (RIP Grandma, <3) and then off we went again about a month later on September 21st, taking a different route down through OK/NM.






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